Friday, April 20

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TCA – 10am

(TRT of film program 94 min)

Rooted in Love

Director:  Jody McNicholas

TRT: 6 min


Sea of Life

Director: Julia Barnes

TRT: 1 hour 28 min

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(entire film program 71min)

Population Speak Out

TRT: 6 min


Beyond Crisis

Director/Writer: Kai Reimer-Watts

TRT: 64 min



(TRT 78-80min plus dance & Q&A)

Movement & Multi-media Performance

Dancers: Rima Ralff, Dana Klepper-Smith and Jean E. Stevens.  Renowned, British composer Jocelyn Pook with her composition Oppenheimer from her album Flood generously provides music. Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese have used Jocelyn’s award winning soundtracks in their films among others. Thank you also to Gary Yamane for his music and rehearsal support.



TRT: 7 min




Director: Dana Romanoff

TRT: 8 min


Bhutan-FilmBhutan Taking the The Middle Path to Happiness

Director: Tom Vendetti

TRT: 56 min


The Dalai Lama and China

Producers: Tom Vendetti

TRT: 7 min

Q&A Director,Tom Vendetti and perhaps others.



(TRT of entire film program 1hr 42min plus possible Q&A with Miguel Santistevan after films).

Seed Sovereignty

Director: Miguel Santistevan

TRT: 10 min


The Last Animals

Director: Kate Brooks

TRT: 1hr. 32 min