Sunday, April 22

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115 Civic Plaza Drive:  Bataan Hall, UNM-Taos.

There will be various films, speakers and events to be arranged.

Robby Romero “Live from the Ride”. A half hour of his short films which address Native American empowerment.  A Canon film workshop display of the latest filmmaking equipment, snacks and  interactive participation will be presented.  Any donations go to the Native Children’s Survival Indigenous Student Endowment Fund.


EARTH DAY Film Celebration

(TRT entire above program 82min plus Q&A)


Rooted in Love

Director: Jody McNicholas

TRT: 6 min


Gray Wolves of the SouthwestGray Area: Wolves of the Southwest

Producer, Alan Lacy

TRT: 50min



Nuestra Acequias

A Rivers & Birds film

Producer Roberta Salazar

TRT: 20 min

Q&A with Producer Roberta Salazar




(TRT: entire program 110 min)

EARTH DAY final film Taos Environmental Film Festival screening:

America’s Musical Journey

TRT: 2 min



Grand Canyon Adventure: A River at Risk

Director: Greg MacGillivray; Narrator: Robert Redford

TRT: 44min



Beyond Crisis

Director/Writer: Kai Reimer-Watts

TRT: 64min