TRT: 90 min., 2019 (Limited screening during the TEFF, April 22 thru April 25 and perhaps after). Director, Andrea Heckman & Producers: Ken O’Neil and Andrea Heckman, Tad Fettig: Director of Photography & David Aubrey, Editor.

Thousands of years ago in ancient Tibet, there existed a vast kingdom known as Zhang Zhung, whose religion Bon has continued throughout history. Today at Menri Monastery in Northern India and Triten Norbutse in Kathmandu Nepal, young monks and nuns carry on the Bon teachings and lineage, not only in the lands of the Himalayas, but also to countries around the world, where Western students now embrace Bon methods and practices for finding compassion and joy, amidst the technological and often chaotic world. 

While Bon is considered to be one of the world’s oldest spiritual traditions, Westerners do not have to become Bonpos to realize the benefits from these practices. Many Bon teachers now travel to the West and throughout the world, today in more than thirty countries, learning to speak local languages, and develop sanghas, in order to share these ancient teachings and meditative practices with eager Western students.