Welcome To The 2019 Taos Environmental Film Festival

We have an exceptional slate of films this year with 22 films in total.  The Taos Environmental Film Festival is celebrating its 5th edition beginning on Thursday, April 18 to Friday, April 22. The film festival prides itself in presenting beautiful, thought provoking and award winning films by professional filmmakers who seek truth and scientific knowledge regarding our natural environment and all its inhabitants. This year the festival is excited to present films that explore and search for inner and outer peace while also exploring various natural environments, its diverse inhabitants and the challenges posed to the world’s biodiversity.

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24 Hours of Reality: “Earthrise” by Amanda Gorman

The Taos Environmental Film Festival wishes to thank the 24 Hours of Reality and the first ever National Youth Poet Laureate of the United States , Amanda Gorman, for raising awareness of our fragile planet:  “It is a hope that implores us at an uncompromising core to keep rising up for an Earth more than worth fighting for.” http://climaterealityproject.org

New Mexico Film Foundation | Growing independent film in New Mexico

We would like to thank our fiscal sponsors: New Mexico Film Foundation

Their Mission: To grow the independent film industry in New Mexico while offering financial assistance and educational opportunities to New Mexico Independent filmmakers.


Donate to the Taos Environmental Film Festival

The Taos Environmental Film Festival is entirely supported by Grants and Donations so that admission to all film screenings is free. The Taos Environmental Film Festival needs your help to continue to bring high quality environmental films to be screened in our community, please consider donating to further our cause and raise awareness of these important issues and help us preserve the environment so that many species can continue to live on this planet.

Admission to the Taos Environmental Film Festival is FREE

A donation of $5 suggested

All Fundraising from this year's Taos Environmental Film Festival goes to the Taos Environmental Film Festival to offset increased costs of putting the festival on.

The Taos Environmental Film Festival enters it's fifth year.  The festival was dreamed up by, and is organized by the hard work of Jean Stevens. It incorporates film honoring the land, environment and people of New Mexico, the country and the world, with performance and lectures to expand our knowledge and engagement with environmental activism and topics.

The Taos Environmental Film Festival honors our land and showcases all artistic disciplines. Together, artists can support efforts to stop Climate Change.