Director: Susan Gray and Narrated by Richard Gere: Intro (13:09), Forests (14:10), Permafrost (10:55), Atmosphere (8:45) Albedo (10:35 = run time: 46:19 minutes
Climate Emergency: Feedback Loops is a series of five short films, featuring twelve leading climate scientists, that explores how human–caused emissions are triggering nature’s own warming loops. Richard Gere narrates the film.

An Official Selection in the DCEFF 2021 and has been translated into 20 different languages. Here is a discussion from the DCEFF 2021 with experts on the film:

Climate Emergency-Feedback Loops, five short films narrated by Richard Gere:
trailer #1:
trailer #2:
trailer #3:

Educational resources:
Finalist Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capitol 2021
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival 2021
Award of Excellence: Nature Without Borders International Film Festival 2021
St. Louis International Film Festival
Platinum Remi Award: WorldFest
Houston International Film Festival 2021