Part of the Community Voices video series from Meow Wolf that focuses on its non-profit partners. NM Director: Jody McNicholas 

The 82-foot-long blue whale sculpture is made from hand-recycled plastic trash and is also internally lit to glow each evening. Ethyl’s dramatic size and name, help bring awareness to our planet’s massive issue with plastic pollution. The blue whale is the largest creature that has ever lived on Earth, weighing about 300,000 pounds – sadly, this is equivalent to the approximate weight of plastic that ends up in the ocean every nine minutes.

Meow Wolf purchased Ethyl and then had the sculpture moved from San Francisco to Santa Fe. Meow Wolf underwrote all of the costs for Ethyl’s relocation to SFCC, and the SFCC Foundation and Art on Campus Committee supported the installation

Part 1, TRT 5:59

Part 2 : TRT: 9:16