Director: Peter Walker & UNM-Taos Digital Media Arts

“In the high desert Southwest, where myth and reality intersect, there exists a legendary river, a revered and beloved water-source that goes by the name Rio Grande.” As written by John Biscello and narrated by Robert Mirabal in Rio Grande Serenade.

EPISODE 1: River Guides

EPISODE 2: “Acequia Farmer and a Bee Keeper”  TRT: 9:12

“The Rio Grande as the sidewinding serpent, the shape-shifter and giver of blessings, and within the locomotive heart of this fabled river, there exists many roles and functions.  The river as teacher and healer, a liquid church flowing democratic gospel where everyone is welcome to worship and revel.  The river as storyteller and beat-keeper, a freestyle genius.  The river as an old man dreaming of his return to the sea, or a silver voiced woman singing full-throated to earth and sky.”