Performances & Events Taos Environmental Film Festival 2018

The Taos community and diverse filmmakers came together around Earth Day of 2018. There was a lot to love: Hawaiian chants, environmental activism awards, youth matinees, UNM-Taos Media Arts’ Mother Earth Day plus many fantastic films which inspired and educated all. In addition, there were excellent shorts about Native American empowerment, wolf preservation, acequias (natural irrigation) and the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.. The festival also celebrated the preciousness of wildlife and encouraged the eating of natural, low carbon food sources while seeking happiness in a more sustainable way. Finally, the film festival helped to organize satellite events which honored artistic activism via filmmaking, art exhibitions, music, poetry, dance, photography and multi-media performances.

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The Taos Environmental Film Festival is entirely supported by Grants and Donations so that admission to all film screenings is free. The Taos Environmental Film Festival needs your help to continue to bring high quality environmental films to be screened in our community, please consider donating to further our cause and raise awareness of these important issues and help us preserve the environment so that many species can continue to live on this planet.


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The Taos Environmental Film Festival is a fundraiser for: Amigos Bravos, Rivers & Birds, Renewable Taos, Taos Center for the Arts & SOMOS.

The Taos Environmental Film Festival enters it's fourth year.  The festival was dreamed up by, and is organized by the hard work of Jean Stevens. It incorporates film honoring the land, environment and people of New Mexico, the country and the world, with performance and lectures to expand our knowledge and engagement with environmental activism and topics.

The Taos Environmental Film Festival honors our land and showcases all artistic disciplines. Together, artists can support efforts to stop Climate Change.

Inspired by the power of films to make positive changes for humanity, and as a result of the United States departure from the Paris Climate Agreement, the 2018 Taos Environmental Film Festival dates were changed to coincide with Earth Day.  The theme of the 2018 edition of the festival is “Finding True Happiness in an Unsettled World”.   The festival honors all the 2018 Official Selection filmmakers for their devotion to powerful filmmaking and their efforts to preserve our planet and all its inhabitants.